Powerful analytic & reporting suite to track online store performance

Analytic Dashboard Overview

GoKommerce offers a holistic overview of your online store performance in the admin dashboard screen that can be monitored on a daily-basis seamlessly. Small report frames are displayed such as sales channels, monthly or total orders, total customers, sales graph, order status pie chart, total sales revenue, and recent order list.

To analyze and dive deep into a particular report, you can click the section which is redirected to a specific module screen.

Accurate Marketing Reports

Increase your online store's marketing strategy with GoKommerce reliable, automated marketing report widgets that help in tracking futuristic business trends, Ad campaign reports for different social channels, seasonal sales vogue, best-selling Ecommerce product, and more.

Ensure Product Stock Level

Track the cost of online goods sold, manage inventory, and maximize profit to your online business with GoKommerce customized inventory management report tool that helps you forecast stocks, prevent over-ordering, and stock run-outs seamlessly.

Optimize Entire Sales Growth

Compare online sales across various best-selling products, channels, and top online store searches to stay ahead of the competition. GoKommerce in-built analytic and reporting tools provide in-depth insights based on best-selling and under-performing ads, products, discounts, loyalty programs, contents that enhance remarkable customer engagement, and sales revenue.

Google Analytic Integration

GoKommerce offers universal Google analytic integration for your E-commerce platform, maximizing conversion rates, and sales profit. Our enabled power-packed integration reports your online visitor shopping behavior, checkout behavior, site product performance, sales performance (shipping, tax), campaigns, internal promotional data, and more.

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