Drive sales managing online store products

Product Catalog Module

Manage unlimited items, services, and downloadable digital products in your online store with our flexible GoKommerce 'product catalog' widget. Using this automated software, you can list products, add specifications, compare variants, map products to specific categories, handle pricing, discount, shipping, and search engine optimization data seamlessly.

Upload & Zoom Image/Video

Attract more customers to your shopping world by adding multiple eye-catchy product images and videos. You can easily drag and drop particular files, browse online, choose any product-related uploaded file, or attach a website link with noted size resolution. Your customers can view and zoom purchasing product images before adding them to the cart.

Contribute Product Display Ideas

The mode you display your product in the frontend to enhance sales is decided in the backend. Provide maximum product details such as name, price, SKU, variants, short description, tax template, product tags, and highlighting data useful to create trust and desire in customer thoughts.

Pre-packed Section Library

GoKommerce brings you professionally pre-development page blocks where you can redesign frontend sections, duplicate particular sections, or adjust display format as desired. Based on various add ons and row-column structured blocks, you can create newly arrived product listings, featured categories, post ad banners, or contents without any tedious effort.

Showcase Product Descriptions

Well-written product descriptions and attributes speak for your brand and selling product. Build trust and relationship with customers by portraying meaningful and interactive contents describing specific products and its benefits, that helps turn your online audience into shoppers.

Manage Product Inventory

Minimize business risk and save time with our GoKommerce automated product inventory management system to track your online or multichannel products, sync stock level, and SKU mapping from anywhere. You can also set custom stock alerts on low quantity supply chains while you focus on growing business sales and revenue.

Customizable Product Pricings

Motivate customers to buy your online products by implementing different pricing strategies such as value-based pricing, competitor-based pricing, cost-plus pricing, sales-based price raise or reduce, etc. With our real-time product customization, you can execute the right formula on the right business at the right time following digital success.

Launch Product Discounts

In online shopping, customers love purchasing products that come with offers and discount coupons. You can customize product discounts based on certain limitations, shipping methods, payment options, product new arrivals, categories, special events, and promotional sales. Setting attractive discounts drive more traffic and sales to your online store.

Upgrading Product SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) in product pages help optimize your brand rank high in Google, increasing sales and traffic to your Ecommerce website. With our advanced tools, you can optimize keywords, meta title tags, and meta descriptions effortlessly.

Review/Feedback Management

How many reviews stars your product page earned? Apart from trust or relationship, customers purchase goods based on those 4 or 5 glowing stars gained from satisfied shoppers. Bad reviews do have their impact over sales, so managing product reviews by reverting back or resolving is honest-to-goodness.

Brand & Category Search Filter

As admin, in the catalog product listing screen, you can search for specific products using search filters based on the product name, vendor/business name, SKU, and status (approved, rejected, waiting for approval).

From a user point of view, in the frontend of your online store, customers are provided with hassle-free search boxes, where they can search for the desired product or category. Customers can smoothly compare and filter products based on price, quality, new arrivals, category, reviews, etc.

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