Reach target audience with effective online marketing techniques

Newsletter Subscription

Today there are various channels to promote your online business, one such component is newsletter subscription or sign up form. Build strong relationships with potential customers through informative email marketing, promoting your brand authority, product sales, their benefits, and special offer deals.

With GoKommerce tools, create attractive newsletters with elements like headline textbox, post scheduling, CTA, rewards or coupons, unsubscribe options, T&C, etc.

Email Segmentation

Dive deep into the inevitable part of email marketing. You may have unlimited user contacts in your online store, with GoKommerce's powerful segmentation tool, you can easily personalize customer’s email addresses, build segments, group customers based on favorites, create campaigns, and send or resend the right content to the right inbox seamlessly.

Bulk Email marketing

Generate sales for your online store with GoKommerce next-level marketing technique. Add, group contacts, create engaging content, send, and track automated bulk mail campaigns worldwide within minutes.

Drive conversions with SEO-friendly content, promote business, personalize campaigns, and increase revenue or ROI.

Cart Abandonment Alerts

Cart abandonment is prompted due to lengthy E-commerce sign up process, improper payment options, missing product details, boring shopping experience, no discounts or offers displayed, no T&C, no return policies, etc, that directly damages customer trust and brand visibility online.

With the GoKommerce marketing channel, trigger emails, SMS, or push notifications with eye-popping discounts based on user interest or wishlist categories that improve conversion rates, reducing abandoned carts.

Content/Video Promotions

Attract more customers with effective new content or video (vlog) concepts that can do wonders online. Create video content like video PPT, product review, video interview, video testimonials, live streaming, product or service demos, that build trust and relationship with the audience.

Exclusive Coupons & Discounts

Improve your online sales by personalizing product or service prices with digital coupons, promo codes, discounts, special deals marketing methods that entice customers and boost revenue rapidly. GoKommerce brings in an advanced promotional technique that targets audiences, converts prospects into loyal customers, and enhances your online platform's SERP ranking.

Free Shipping Offers

Implement a shipping strategy with GoKommerce powerful marketing tools. Be a successful seller offering 'free shipping with conditions' such as a first-time shopper, abandoned cart recovery, email subscription, validating purchase product quantity or price-level, etc in the checkout process page.

Survey, Review, Testimonials

Often online buyers lookup for customer reviews and testimonials rather than a product description of specific items they desired to purchase, creating trust and confidence to order the same.

With GoKommerce customized marketing tools, shoot emails to your customers requesting genuine feedback right after-sales. These precious product reviews or surveys from satisfied customers help increase conversions for your E-commerce store.

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