Guide to Launch Ecommerce Grocery Store

July 20, 2020

Guide to Launch Ecommerce Grocery Store

Traditional shopping talk is not started because COVID-19 hit our generation bringing in a dramatic economic malfunction. Well, with no explanation, retailers have probably realized during this quarantine period, the importance of online shopping/online ordering grocery paths. It is crucial to replace every lifeless grocery storefront with attractive shaded digital web screens. The hands of Amazon, BigBasket, and many other online grocery stores are square footing the trend reducing service, cost, and labor. Grocery is perhaps the largest retail industry becoming a part of the digital revolution which is driven by customers taking their elevated cross-channel demands into daily food shopping. GoKommerce takes a massive dive at the operations, the software driving them, and consumer information to steer them towards more efficient experiences and current demands of market-centered experiences with the best Ecommerce Grocery Website or mobile application.


Early in the 14th century, the grocer was the one mainly concerned with dry goods like spices, sugar, and pepper only. Other products like coffee, tea, and cocoa were added to the offerings after some time. The term grocer came from the French word Grossier meaning wholesaler, the term was originally derived from Medieval Latin grossarius and originated from the word gross. The increase in goods traded was together known as groceries. 

As a turning point, the first self-service grocery shop was launched in 1916 (Memphis, Tennessee) by Clarence Saunders as a 'Piggly Wiggly' store. Thus the chain of grocers started developing in multi-locations and nations. Well, being Indians, let’s talk for MRP. In India, most shopping has been confined in open markets such as grocery shops and shops. Quality is based on the seller's decision. This intense competition and investment will provide consumers with enhanced services due to lower prices, wide availability, and dramatic improvement in the manpower of the supply chain.


In the modern era, e-commerce or online grocery is expanding in India to a high extent. As well as price advantages, consumers benefit from increased choices. In the retail sector, E-Commerce is producing a new wave, and this trend will continue to follow in the coming years. Not only do customers have the option to buy from local stores or vendors, but they can also order online. Although starting up an online store for a local grocery store seems like a challenging task, there are several available resources for grocery retailers of all scales to create an e-commerce platform that integrates with current POS systems, payment gateways, shipment, and execution. If you want to implement your local shop into an online marketplace, get connected with GoKommerce, India’s first E-commerce web solution provider. 

Grocery e-shopping is now top of the retailer's priorities since more buyers visit the platform to buy fresh and processed items. The shop owners use smart techniques to sell their goods online/offline. As e-commerce was first known in the industry as a revolutionary turn, several businesses decided to enter the world of an online grocery store. But not all businessmen or owners or grocery retailers succeeded in marketing their goods online. Today, online grocery sales have risen greater heights than the entire e-commerce business. The following are some steps to consider while planning to launch your own online grocery platform. Are you ready to step in? Let’s roll on…

Identify your Customer

One of the foremost thoughts that should be begun in your grocery or supermarket is to identify your targeted customer based on the location your brand is placed. It's true that in our day-to-day life, fresh fruits, veggies, milk, food products, stationery items, and utensils are more essential that is expected in a standard, shiny fresh mode. Well, finding the style and consuming practice of the audience based on certain areas should be verified as soon as possible to start your stock moving-fast and eliminate the ideology of food wastage. 

Build a strong backend spot

The second point, every retailer must know is to have a perfect warehouse. Well, it's good you identified the right audience based on the location, but without a stock-shelf or warehouse to store your grocery products as close as possible to you, so you can deliver to the customers within a short period. Spare a small place for your stock storage, so you can rely on the wholesale suppliers at any moment to fill your back house and move in success.

Business Registration

You may have any sized grocery business to run, the important part is to set your store on the ground as an individual, you must register your company or store with the help of any gov. recognized tax consultant where registration and GST formalities are completed. This will help you open a business account in any bank of choice. Well, you are set to place your store in your street.

Set up an online grocery platform
To handle orders in real-time and allow customers to pay at the store itself through a multi-payment gateway enables start-up or medium ventures to build up a fantastic online platform for groceries. Revising grocery shopping documents and offering personalized shopping choices to customers is not an obstacle. In fact, grocery delivery application often includes some expenditure and needs to be introduced with the correct set of decisions and amenities to allow easy shopping for customers. But at low cost, GoKommerce helps you acquire the best E-commerce grocery store with rich-features and amenities.

War between Competitors 

It's your new online grocery business and congrats you're good to sell your products. But this time, you face real-life competitors, not local retailers but online giants/retailers, big or small ventures, fighting to go high on business like Amazon or Flipkart. To say, even magic doesn't happen immediately. A bit of hard work is required to face competitions in this digital realm. During this time, organic or paid marketing plays an important role, to reach your brand to a wide audience and brand your business within moments. Interesting isn't it? Get your online pack today and continue reading to get to know more about online grocery stores.

Customer Loyalty Programs

When I say loyalty program, you may get confused and today you find a clear picture on the topic. You may have noticed many new online or local grocery stores come up with offers like 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' or gift coupons or reward points on purchase rating. Well, such programs are posed to attract more customers towards their business and conclude in double profitability/revenue gained. P.S. 'Not all are successful in handling such loyalty programs, only the smart can withstand such marketing boomers, are you the one to succeed?'

QR scan eliminates Human-errors

You might have seen this QR scanning system in huge malls and supermarkets billing sections. Do you know what QR code is? Well, the black and white square prints found in the packet all products you choose. In stores, the owner scans the QR codes and indexes the availability of stock in the warehouse. This system minimizes human stock count errors and notifies the minimum stock level via messages. 

Set a Delivery system/partner

Well, today digitization has gone beyond imagination. The growth of the grocery industry is no exception as websites and mobile applications for groceries are launched saving shoppers time and energy. Going one step forward is the delivery system. Having an online grocery delivery application like Big Basket and Swiggy will increase customer engagement twice the expectation. It's human nature or laziness to urge for the doorstep delivery process and imagine if you are bound to have such a module for your business, the rate of customers and revenue is another level. The delivery app has many features that direct the delivery boy or agent straight to the customer location and finalize the payment smoothly in a short interval. It is believed that Business with the right delivery system or integrated delivery partners is going to lead in the future economy. So, be it you.

Business Transparency

Personalize your customer experience with the best online service. If you're planning to launch an online grocery store in a short period, GoKommerce is there to help you out. Our transparent support, site extensions, and features are widely loved and trusted by our clients globally. If you wish to build your websites like Amazon clone or unique website, connect your business ideas with us. Get your convincing E-commerce grocery selling experience driving customers seamlessly with your user-friendly website in a simple manner. We will build your marketplace with unlimited satisfied customers coming by. Visit us today and learn the advantages of success through an online marketplace.

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