How about a Mobile App for your Pharmacy Store

November 16, 2020

How about a Mobile App for your Pharmacy Store

In the current generation, the advancement of technology in the development of websites and mobile apps are capable of resolving daily-life issues faced by humans. Thanks to the convenience it provides to the customers, the applications for online buying and delivery of pharmacy medicines are becoming famous every day. Buyers prefer buying the prescription online instead of taking a ride from several medical stores. Various pharmacy apps offer everything from the prescription and the health-related items as well. These days, online pharmacy stores are the most chosen point of purchase dais by customers. It's also good for patients and pharmacists alike. Users will book and get their medicines at their doorstep online. If you're one who wants to set up a pharmacy app online then I bet you, this blog is just for you. 
Do you know, as per a statistical report in 2015, the World pharmacy marketplace estimated the online growth of medicines purchases about 30 billion dollars? And it is predicted that in 2024, the revenue will increase thrice the estimated price. Now is the time to have a revolutionizing career turn point with the best website or mobile application for your business. There are many benefits of having an app. When people search for 'pharmacy near me', your online stores pop up in google or yahoo or bing (search engines), this automatically increases your sales and customer engagement. 

What is known as the Pharmacy Mobile app?
The process of finding, managing and marketing a medical store or pharmacy using a mobile app or online website is called mobile application for pharmacy. The architecture software maintains your whole store on fingertips with robust CMS, RUP (rational unified process), and more. The users are also profited using your app as it has reminder status about their medicine, setting an alarm when tablets are to be consumed, and also alerts when the stock is low, re-directing to online ordering method. Very unique and simple, isn't it? Do you think such pharmacy app solutions are unaffordable? absolutely not. With GoKommerce, India’s best website builder with perfect customer support and expert-level guidance, your investment is valued with extremely profit gained. 

The benefits of having a Pharmacy store or delivery App
The user-friendly, real-time functionality platform is responsive to both android and iOS. This smart mobile app network is expanded faster and accurately as the data are simplified and secured. The following are some of the benefits of owning a mobile app for medical stores. 

Pharmacy Tools
Customers have all the services available online to maintain a powerful record of health. The online drug shop offers them every opportunity to plan for their medications to be filled up, by reviewing the existing medications. They may include notes given in the note pad system and check a patient's wellness records. This is a simple method for dealing with a patient's online well-being record. This process is easily managed on a mobile app.

Quick ordering
Our developers are interested in developing your online business applications and pages for medical products and pharmaceutical stores. Through the overview given site and mobile application, clients can easily arrange. Drug specialists will include their products in the medicine menu on the application. Item index can be productively tracked with the application's solid backend system. 

Store Navigator
The application can be followed by the nearby neighborhood medicinal stores via guide and area API, which will display any medical store that is registered on the list. This offers consumers an ability to keep a strategic distance from seeking answers while traveling or in crisis. Our Android and iOS developers include the development of pharmaceutical applications that offer the client the chance to discover a drug store in that area. Introducing a guide allows them the ability to see the difference and time in the store area.

Pharmacy Delivery Solution
By adding highlights for home delivery of medications, we offer medical applications and sites to medical Web-based business enterprises. Home acquisition spotlight will offer customers an opportunity to choose area through the application and site's guide selection. Customers can confirm the time it takes to deliver drugs from the local pharmacy via the map page. Customers are able to manage medications digitally via online web applications. We build mobile pharmacy applications and web pages for local medical stores with separate pharmacy delivery app solutions.

Key Features for Interfaces (Store, Customer)
The following are some of the key features you may find in respective mobile applications. 

Features for Pharmacy Store:

Order Dashboard- the medical shop owner or agents manages the order list and assign the work to employees.

Store management- Once drugs or medicines are less in stock, the app alerts the store owner to refill respective sections. 

Accept/Reject Order- The medical store agent has the right to accept or reject the customer orders via online.  

Payment Management- the store lists out the collections and payment details foe each day. 

Manage Customers and deliveries- The medical store agent maintains the data of his shop customer or patients details and their delivery process report.

Loyalty Point Management- The pharmacy offers some loyalty or reward points to its frequent customers during each online purchase. 

Features for Customer:

Manage Profile- Customers sign in and manage their own profile by adding address and contact details.

Browse Products/listings- Customers can search or browse their prescribed medicines and view their prices.

Search Filter- Customers can check their tablets or medicines based on the categories sorted by. 

Schedule Delivery- Customers can schedule the delivery timing based on their availability.

Order Tracking- the medical store agent and the customer can track the dispatched orders through the mobile’s navigational option.
Payment Gateway- Customers can do their transaction offline- COD (cash on delivery) or online (debit card, net banking, Paytm, credit card).

Help and Support- Customers who face difficulties in assessing the app or need to purchase medicines, can call for assistance.

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