Why Milk Delivery Service Need a Mobile Application?

July 3, 2020

Why Milk Delivery Service Need a Mobile Application?


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  •    What is Milk delivery Mobile App?
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  •    Key Features of the App
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App for groceries, an app for fashion apparel, an app for household appliances, an app for fitness, an app for event management...It's true we have Apps for all our day-to-day activities, but what about a Milk delivery solution? Well, let's start to know more...

     Do you remember those olden days, when the milkman comes to your doorsteps early morning ringing bells delivering milk? We even used to buy daily milk from brick and mortar supermarkets. Well, those are not professional methods but a traditional way. The process of farmers collecting milk and distributing locally has changed into farmers connecting with distribution channels like Arokya, Aavin, Supr daily, Hudson, etc, distributing packed milk, curd and ghee in hygienic ways. As of all, its a great business, right? Compared to other grocery or stationery businesses, you don't have to worry about the customers because everyone is literally your daily customers. But do the poor farmers find proper income from their hard work? Imagine, if there is an online place where you can distribute your dairy products easily and accurately based on the people’s daily purpose. Well, it's not an alien concept, fact. GoKommerce, India's best web designing company takes concern about your business seriously, developing the next India's best milk delivery business with just a mobile app. Shocking, isn't it? Well, before explaining the advantages and features of the Milk delivery application, you must know what is a Milk delivery mobile app and how it's unique from other Ecommerce firms.

What is a Milk delivery Management System?

An all-in-one user-friendly handy app solution for milk delivery that automates the doorstep milk delivery operation easily with hassle-free micro-management of customer records, delivery boy, track collections, and bill payments from customers. When we monitor other online businesses like Amazon, Bigbasket, and SnapDeal, the user has to wait for 2 - 7 days or if premium, the next day but for subscription-based delivery operations, the last mile delivery task is made simple with no complexity. Fresh challenges of delivering goods to the destination are optimized at fingertips.  

Milk Delivery Management System Mobile Application Reason:

Today India is moving Digitally, all traditional stores are taking their shop’s one-step forward in building customer relationships globally. It’s not a rule that only supermarkets, fashion retails shops, or butcher shops should run an online E-commerce or Micro-commerce, even subscription-based daily trading people who run milk, meat, grocery, and newspaper occupation, can go online. Here are some of the exciting features you will find in the mobile app for different users (Admin, Consumer, delivery executive). 

Key Features for Mobile APP:

Customer Management
Delivery management
Multiple payment options
Order Management (Daily/monthly)
Order Tracking
Push Notifications

Features for Admin Portal:

Admin Dashboard- The homepage screen of Admin, where he can monitor all information about the milk delivery process and customer requirement and payment details.

Manage Customers- Here the admin can create, edit and manage customer profiles to smoothen the process.

Manage Delivery- Just like customers, the admin can manage the delivery boy or executive page to assign the job and get daily work tasks.

Content Management System (CMS)- Admin is allowed to make changes in the application content based on the purpose and offer.

Tracker Deliveries- Both admin and customers can track the placed and dispatched orders from any locations.

Check Income- Admin has to supervise the entire revenue process and track daily and monthly collections.

Features for Customer Portal:

Customer Profile- Each customer is provided with profiles to sign in and fill in their address details. He/she can also edit and save the contents anytime.

Multi-payment options- The online milk delivery app offers various payment modes (COD and online payment portals) to the users that make the distributor and consumer work easy.  

Track Orders- The user is allowed to check the location and track his/her dispatched milk order effortlessly.

Check History- This feature seems a bit advanced. The consumers can manage their expenses by monitoring the order history (month or year) and download it in a file (PDF).

Schedule Time/Date- This feature is only available in micro-managing mobile apps. Today every customer is busy going to work, so he/she can schedule the delivery time and dates of his daily needs seamlessly.

Features for DeliveryBoy Portal:

Manage Profile- Just like customers, the delivery boy also owns a profile credential that is created by the admin. The page consists of assigned orders, pending deliveries, and completed delivery details. Customer reviews and feedback are also visible.

Customer Orders- The delivery executive can check the orders assigned and their delivery details (customer name, address, phone number).

Location mapping- Once the orders are set to delivery, the executive or delivery boy can turn on the map which will direct straight to the final destination (customer).

Delivery History- the executive can take a look at all his delivered orders in the order history option. 

    I hope you find the features really exciting and matching to your business purpose. If you are willing to explore new possibilities of owning a mobile application, contact GoKommerce, and get your promising milk delivery app now!
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