Why Pet Shops need a Mobile App?

August 14, 2020

Why Pet Shops need a Mobile App?

Taking back to childhood memories, is a pleasant and bubbling recollection of a four-foot or winged buddy in whom you trusted your darkest secrets? Looking into pet-store windows and tickling the puppies under the chin? Or have you ever thought of buying a pet jacket, any cat boots or serving food to street pets? If so, then you're probably a pet-lover who is interested to grow your career in serving the pets-care market. Pet care business can be of anything like Pet sitting, pet training, pet grooming, pet food, pet toys selling, etc. Believe me, you are rated because today every house has a companion to guard the house and owner, but the busy owner finds hard to spend his time, instead look for different service and products that make his buddy happy. Such businesses are always searched online.

Likewise, the mobile industry is experiencing a dynamic trend as more consumers transform to mobile users. With millions of applications on the google play store and thousands of users of mobile phones across the globe, mCommerce (micro-Commerce) is rapidly becoming the primary driving force for business success. 

What is a Pets Mobile App?
You have two main ways to sell pets and pet supplies online in combination with their grooming or developing an online pet food shop; create the pet retail app and pet store website. It's true that today mobile technology is revolutionizing the lives of both people and pets. Well, a small eCommerce handy dais destined only for pets or pet-care products is known as the pet store mobile application. Continue reading to know more about the features of the application…

Key Features of online Pets store:
Whether it's a business idea or you already have a complete-fledged pet shop, you'll need to go on the smartphone market. Entice the lovers of animals and make them happy pet owners to enhance sales. Stay tuned and learn about the features of the pet store app.

Organizing pet visit/pet food stock and Service management.
Enhance your Brand Recognition.
Exhibit your business information like address, contact number, opening hours, amenities, etc.
Coupons, discounts & offers are provided.
Multi payment integrations.
Features for Admin Portal:

Simplified Dashboard- Admin can add or edit customer information.

Pets Gallery- Admin or Pet store owner can post customer experience and their healthy pet photos.

Deals & Discount- Admin can post rewards, vouchers and discounts for each purchase.

Payment Management- Customer’s online and offline (COD) payments are received and listed as reports.

Customer Chat Support- Pet store owner maintains better customer relationships based on queries on products.

Social Media Interaction- Admin is allowed to post his sales promotional banners on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

Feedback, Review, ratings- Admin can monitor the customer comments and revert back, which will automate the owner to improvise his business.

Customer Management- The app saves time by providing push notifications once a customer orders or schedules a visit.

Features for Customers:

Manage Profile- Customers can log in to their profile and add personal details (address, phone number, email ID, social accounts).

Search filter- You can effortlessly search for Pet or pet supplies categories based on filter options.

Deal/Offers- Customers can view their deals and offers on each product before paying.

Payment Gateway- Customers are allowed to pay via COD (cash on delivery), debit card, net banking, Paytm, credit card, PayPal, etc.

Route Navigator- Customers can view the map of the Pet Store and travel straight to the shop.

Help and Support- Customers can call the shop owner or admin or executive for any queries.  

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