Grow your Meat & Seafood Delivery business with a Mobile App Solution

November 5, 2020

Grow your Meat & Seafood Delivery business with a Mobile App Solution

The days have gone by when one had to face a bargain, stench-filled market atmosphere to buy tomatoes, poultry, meat and fish. Continuing to invest in healthy living products is a story that never ends. Regular meat consumption helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Often expectant-moms and babies require seafood flavors that enhance brain power and support fetal growth and development. The new on-demand distribution system of online meat delivery software is accepted by 56% of meat business owners. Today, the introduction of different apps like Tendercuts, Butchershop is promising to deliver food on your doorstep has made shopping a lot more enjoyable. All one has to do is just download the so said app, scroll down the features and categories, select and move to cart to make further payment (Cash-on-delivery or online payments), and finally wait for the doorbell chime.

What is a Meat & Seafood Delivery Mobile App?
     An on-demand meat & seafood delivery app is an online meat delivery platform for customers who can look through various meat categories and order the right one with just a single click. by ordering online, the goods will be distributed at their doorsteps at the right time, and then COD or Online payment will be done. On the other side, the butcher or meat owner delivers more loyal customers by offering many deals and discounts. Such micro-managing solutions reduce middleman issues as consumers share the needs directly.
Features Of Meat delivery Mobile Application:
    An online butcher shop app rich in features enables business owners the ability to increase their business from a meat shop to an online platform. The online meat delivery applications are the best dais for delivery-boy, consumers, and admin to connect easily on a single screen.

Admin Web Panel
Delivery App
Consumer App
Store Manager App

Features for Admin Panel:

Dedicated Dashboard- A home screen for Admin to monitor the entire Meat delivery operations from a single portal. Managing the whole record of delivery, collection, and customer details.
CMS (Content management system)- Admin is allowed to edit and manage all promotional contents and reports formats seamlessly.
Manage Orders- It’s the duty of admins to list or receive all meat orders from customers and assign it to delivery executives.
Multiple Payment Integration- Admin receives order payments online or as cash from customers via debit card, credit card, net banking, Paytm, or PayPal.
Ads Management- Admin has the feature to play on promotions, offers, and advertisements. They can update the customers on the latest meat offers and delivery discounts.
Feedback & Review management- Amin has the access to view and reply to customer ratings, review the services.
Report & Analytics- Admin can easily generate report insights about the business and expand the business to the next level.

Features for a Delivery app:

Profile Management- Delivery boy account is created by the admin. They can update their profile by adding, editing, and saving contact numbers, and other details.
Delivery Status- The delivery agent or executive can monitor the assigned orders, pending orders, and completed orders in the delivery status feature.
Order History- An interesting feature that lists out the past deliveries completed for a month or year.
Live Tracking Route- Once the order is assigned to the delivery boy, he can open the address details of the customers and turn on the navigational button when he/she is set to dispatch the order and deliver.  

Features for a Customer app:

Account Panel- Customers or users can create, edit, and update their name, email ID, social linked accounts anytime anywhere.
Order Scheduling- Customer is allowed to add to their required meats and schedule the delivery time and dates as per the in-app calendar.
Order History- Users can maintain or monitor their monthly or yearly expenses by checking it from the order history option. They can even re-order from their past orders.
Order Tracking- Admin and customers can track the dispatched order until the meat reaches the doorsteps of consumers.
Feedback & review: Customers can share their experience with the delivery service anytime.
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