Why does your Cake & Bakery business need an App?

July 25, 2020

Why does your Cake & Bakery business need an App?

With plenty of prospective growth, it is known that the bakery industry is one of the emerging market sectors. Bakers usually run the company offline locally in most parts of the world but this industry is expanding rapidly with the online passage of time and the growth of the technological age. To say, GoKommerce offers the best iOS and Android app for online ordering service for bakeries. The software is well designed to run the bakery business and efficiently market the goods online. The online bakery system has great functionality to help both the company and its customers. 

Today, the world is on the road to revitalization and economic reform. In such a busy lifestyle people don't want to miss a single celebration moment. We also use small occasions to celebrate and cake is one of the celebratory's basic needs. Ordering an offline cake is a challenging process because it needs to be ordered first with its specification and it takes time for bakers to fulfill the demand. Usually, the customer would need to visit the bakers twice in this cycle to obtain the cake. But what if the customers get the required cake overview online from their smartphones and bakers? It will save both buyers and bakers time and energy.

Yes, how about a perfect mobile application or website for a bakery ordering system. Interesting, isn't it? Let's continue reading...

What is a baker’s mobile app?
An online handy portal for bakers to promote and sell their lovely cakes and bread quickly and smoothly is known as the baker’s mobile app. Well, according to some market research, the higher revenue turner is considered to be the bakery industry. There can be no reason to explain why such a great business victory is found because people love eating baked meals made out of wheat or rice or cornflour. Willing to launch an online bakery business with a website or mobile app, check out the reasons and key features of thy.

Reasons to have an Online bakery solution:

Helps to grow Business
An application that controls the entire business contributes to smooth management and makes it cost-efficient. Therefore, it is easier for you to grow your company faster, which may have taken longer with the normal way of investing time and making more expenditure. It can also ensure excellent customer service that helps to make the company more profitable leading to more purchases and loyal customers.

Manage your Inventory
It is one of the key software required in any company that has a storage area. Inventory software is essential to help you maximize and control your inventory level, and to alert you against running out of stock. The inventory management module of a cake and bakery app knows just how to handle your inventory and it takes care of your demand, inventory level and ensures that there is no lack of raw materials and demand.

Social Presence
It doesn't matter how small or big is your bakery shop, having an online presence is the most powerful and remarkable tool one can possess while starting a business. Have a website or mobile app, connect your network with social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, to promote and engage with tons of superfans. 

Effortless order/payment System
If you have an online bakery business website it makes your whole business a simple operation. People can order goodies from anywhere and at any time. Similarly, monitoring their order and collecting the payment electronically becomes simple for a business house. A strong website makes your online bakery company trouble-free in this manner.

Key Features for Various App Interface Systems

Features for Admin:

Shop management- Admins have a unique dashboard to monitor daily bakery orders, back-office, delivery sections. 

Inventory Management- The bakery mobile apps’ admin panel can handle the bakery store inventory and orders by setting stock notifications.

Payment Management- Admin creates daily reports on the payment he gets through business.

Feedback, ratings, Review- Admin can view the customer feedback and ratings given for each food or cakes.

Customer chat Support- Admins are connected to customers directly through certain support channels and phone calls.

Real-time Analytics- Your bakery business growth level is analyzed through certain analytic tools.

Social Media Interaction- Admin can promote their delicious bread and cakes post and sell ads via social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

CMS (Content management system)- Admin has the right to edit the application contents anytime.

Features for Cake and Bakery Store:

Order Dashboard- The bakery Store agent manages the list of orders accordingly.

Store management- The admin warns the bakery shop about the food or product stock count, so they can easily refill the jars with yummy baked meals.

Accept/Reject Order- The Bakery executive can reject or accept any of his customer’ orders. 

Payment Management- Bills of sold items and remaining stock are managed and reported daily.

Manage Customers and deliveries- The cake store owner or agent handles the report or information of his shop customer details and their delivery data.

Loyalty Point Management- If the bakers wish, they can offer loyalty points to their frequent customers during each online purchase. 

Features for Customer:

Manage Profile- Customers own a separate profile in which details like address, contact details, social networks, and other details are secured.

Browse Products/listings- Customers can scroll down the delicious bread and cake list to view their prices.

Search Filter- Customers can search for their loved food and sweets based on the categories sorted by. 

Schedule Delivery- Customers who are not available at the spot of the delivery, can schedule or change the delivery timing. 

Order Tracking- Both the bakery agent and the customer can track the dispatched orders through the remarkable mobile application.

Deals/Offers- Customers are notified once, the admin runs special foodie deals or offers.
Payment Gateway- Several payment modes like COD (cash on delivery) or online (debit card, net banking, Paytm, PayPal, credit card) are offered to the customer.

Help and Support- If the customer is in need of any assistance, he/she can call the bakery shop or admin and demand the orders or queries.

P.S. The purpose of starting an online bakery business is to get more customers across your street lines. After reading the features of the app and the importance of online presence, if you're willing to have your online bakery website or mobile app, call GoKommerce, India's best web design and development company, offering the clients a robust solution with satisfaction at unbelievable prices. Interested? Join us now!
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