Fashion Retail mCommerce Apps for Today's Lifestyle

July 15, 2020

Fashion Retail mCommerce Apps for Today's Lifestyle

Hi there, today I like to have a bit on a well-know topic, Retail mobile commerce. It's no wonder there is a huge desire for fashion waiting at our doorstep of the digital world. The revolution in mobile commerce (m-commerce) domain is growing up with the rising demand for mCommerce apps. Mobile is now a recent priority for consumers as they find comfort in buying/selling products and making online payments via smartphones. Mobile affects customer tastes and purchasing habits today, which in effect increases the demand for smartphone devices from retail stores. As per the statistics from retail platforms, above 68 percent of mobile users use mobile devices to purchase their daily groceries, clothes, fashion products, and household appliances. Visitors also monitor traditional stores’' locations and their reviews online. Comparing these report, it is sure that sooner, every brick and mortar stores who understand customer behavior are going to replace their shopping style and go online for Ecommerce and Mcommerce.

What is a mCommerce Retail App?
Visualizing the shopping experience of customers, comes the online shopping mart where all go online selling, buying, and money transactions securely. As a trimmed version comes Mobile commerce allowing users to go-for effortless purchasing. Likewise, a mobile app for fashion retail owners like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and more is known as the m-Commerce Retail app. To more about this flawless, robust, responsive mobile shopping app, continue reading...

Benefits for Fashion Retail Apps:
Usually, when customers go for traditional shopping, the people traffic and billing queue, used to drain the patience and time. So, instead to avoid such hardships, an online platform is easily manageable for both users and store owners. The following I have mentioned the reason and benefits of how mobile commerce apps seem useful to interfaces (customer app, seller app, admin app).

Instant Registration:
The process of registering your mCommerce app is made simple and quick. Customers deserve simplicity and ease and making a complicated, time-consuming registration process would put customers off your mobile application. In the Mobile app, before buying fashion products, customers login in seamlessly with easy editing and update options and their information is secured.

Product Rating & Review:
Brand feedback and ratings have a major influence on the buying decisions of the shoppers. You may wonder if you lose customers and sales if bad reviews do. Indeed it can also be positive to have negative feedback. Negative reviews are treated as uncensored, whereas positive reviews are often perceived as fake.

Multiple Payments:
The key purpose of selling your goods on an app is to discover your business to a larger user base. Such retail companies app use multi-payment and currency support. Payment gateways like online (Cash on delivery) and online (PayPal, net banking, credit card) are available.

Brand Awareness:
Using the mCommerce app, you can easily promote or spread your company name over social platforms and globally. Interesting isn’t it? Need to have one of the best robust mobile apps for your fashion industry? Call GoKommerce and bespoke your business thoughts with us. 

How much does a mCommerce Retail app cost to develop?
To be frank, the days that take to develop an app for your fashion business depends on the quality, design, technology, and features you wish to have. So is the price of mobile app development. Simple or big project you might have, but the price for mobile app development is affordable.

Features for Admin:

Shop On-boarding and management- Admins have a separate dashboard to monitor daily orders, back-office, delivery section. 
Inventory Management- The retail mobile apps’ admin panel can manage the store inventory and orders by setting stock notifications.
Payment Management- Admin creates reports with the daily collections or payment he gets via sale.
Feedback, ratings, Review- Admin checks on the customer feedback, comments and ratings for each product.
Customer chat Support- Admins solve customer queries via support channels and phone calls.
Real-time Analytics- This feature analyzes product sales that help with business growth.
Social Media Interaction- Admin can promote their fashion retail shop ads via social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).
CMS (Content management system)- Admin can create and edit the application contents elegantly.

Features for Fashion Retail Store:

Order Dashboard- The retail Store manager manages the list of orders and assigns the work accordingly.
Store management- The admin alerts the retail store about the reduced product count and the store plans to refill the stock.
Accept/Reject Order- The store executive or agent can reject and accept customer’ orders. 
Payment Management- The store gathers the payment done by customers and handles the sold list.
Manage Customers and deliveries- The store owner or executive maintains the data of his shop customer details and their delivery process data.
Loyalty Point Management- The store offers loyalty points to its frequent customers during each online purchase. 

Features for Customer:

Manage Profile- Customers can easily register and manage their own profile with address and contact details.
Browse Products/listings- Customers are scroll down the fashion apparel list and view their prices.
Search Filter- Customers can explore their desired fashion products based on the categories filtered. 
Schedule Delivery- Customers who unavailable at the moment of the delivery, can schedule the delivery timing. 
Order Tracking- The admin and the customer can track the dispatched orders through this robust mobile app.
Deals/Offers- When admin post frequent deals, its shown to the customers.
Payment Gateway- Customers payment modes are COD (cash on delivery) or online (debit card, net banking, Paytm, PayPal, credit card).
Help and Support- Customers can call for any assistance based on their difficulties facing in a purchase.

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