Go Online before local Businesses expire

January 7, 2021

Go Online before local Businesses expire

The word expire might bring a burn in your stomach. Yes, it’s true. It’s not just because of the catastrophic situations, physical stores are moving online, based on current market research, compared to previous years, studies have proven that the Ecommerce industry has gained millions of dollar profit than any other business stages. 91% of people have gone online shopping to save time, energy, and travel cost. Home or doorstep deliveries are a plus when it comes to online selling or buying a business. Now is the right time to take your local businesses online before you start regretting them. So, you may ask how to take your business online? Well, GoKommerce is here to turn your ideas and dreams into reality with the most exciting online showroom. With this SAAS Ecommerce platform, you can easily build, manage, and market your online business from anywhere anytime. Let’s check out more about taking offline stores online. 
It can be a daunting prospect for brick-and-mortar business owners to tackle the internet as an online business and find out how to communicate with customers in the digital world.
Before creating an online store, usually, people set up a social media presence as it's one of the easiest first steps for taking your company online. Your business is dependent on the right social media channels. As a guideline, for B2B companies, LinkedIn is a great starting point, and for B2C products and services, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are great online communities. Twitter straddles both of them.
But now it's changing, as the world is moving, technology is being upgraded offering unlimited opportunities for digitalism. Just like Shopify, but in more in backend detailing, comes GoKommerce providing the best quality online platform where seller can create their brand identity and start selling instantly.  

Being a local seller, what else can I do to attract audiences?
Google My Business will help you become more accessible to local search users in your local area if you are a local company, such as a hairstylist, veterinary, pub, fitness club, contractor or grocery store, and want to get online. You can have some basic details, such as your business address, telephone number and opening hours, by signing and claiming your business on Google My Business. You get a chance at featuring on local Google Search results and Google Maps by stating your GMB listing.

What PLUS is there moving my local business online with GoKommerce?

Signing up with GoKommerce gets you the plus to discover yourself, manage your store products, manage inventories, customize payment gateways to start getting paid on sales, promote and marketize your store products to enhance sales and revenue, monetize monthly or yearly business performance using analytics and reporting tools, and much more features to experience the magic in E-commerce business. Are you ready? Sign now.  

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