How Ecommerce works in current pandemic days

June 22, 2021

How Ecommerce works in current pandemic days

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is an online trading platform where buyers and sellers connect to buy and seller products via an internet browser. Well, as the 21st century runs in, mobile commerce has become the trending online ordering and delivery trend. This hasn't changed in past years, and we assure the COVID pandemic situation has given strong pillars to mobile commerce technology. We have seen thousands of retailers take Ecommerce as their business holy grain. But why? Today in this blog, GoKommerce, your one-stop destination for SaaS Ecommerce website solution, will explain how Ecommerce and why Ecommerce working in these pandemic days and the challenges every traditional or physical store faces. 
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It's is an undeniable truth that Ecommerce store is more important for the modern generation due to their top-rated functionalities or capabilities such as inventory management, online transaction processing, unlimited product management, secure database, customized email and notifications, mobile-ready or responsive system, supply chain management, social media integration, unique dashboard, customer support, communication channel, feedback or rating system, delivery management, shipping management, powerful analytics, and marketing modules. Well, what’s awesome is that all these features are available in GoKommerce to build a stunning online store in minutes. So...let’s continue. 

How come an Ecommerce store be advantageous in the current pandemic situation?
Learn the advantages of Ecommerce compared to traditional stores
As people are shut indoor as facing roller-coast challenges, the only way of purchasing food or groceries is online, the only contactless mode of shopping today. And some other pros of owning an online store are- 

Geographical delivery-
If you have a retail shop, the location you may serve is constrained. The world is your sandbox when you have an e-commerce platform. Furthermore, the introduction of m-commerce, or e-commerce on mobile devices, has removed any leftover geographic boundaries with route optimization features. 

Search engine ranking-
Branding and interactions drive offline shops. In relation to these general factors, search engine traffic plays a role in online retail. Customers frequently click on a link in search engine results and end up on an e-commerce site they have never heard of. For some e-commerce enterprises, this additional source of visitors may be the key determinant.

Quick product locator- 
Walking shelf after shelf, each aisle in a physical store is done. With having an Ecommerce website or app, customers can easily search & filter their desired product or service and proceed for checkout with discounts availed and pay online instantly. 

Eliminate travel time & cost- 
A true reason why 96% of audiences move online. Due to today's climate catastrophes, coronavirus, travel expenses, and various challenges, people seek simple shopping solutions and that's where the Ecommerce platform comes in as their bestie.  

Deals, Coupons, loyalty/reward programs enabling-
Deals, discounts, vouchers have physical contemporaries, but online shopping makes them much more convenient. For example, if a customer has a big discount coupon for furniture at one store and kitchen utensils at another, she may not be able to use both coupons. However, the customer could do so with a few clicks online.

24/7 Store availability-
I'm damn sure, regular traditional shops are never equivalent to this functionality. As store owners online, you can customize your tore timing at 24/7 run time and proceed products for dispatch whenever you are available. 

I hope, this blog gave you in-depth detail about the need for owning an online store in today's pandemic period. Interested to own an online store. Login with and build your own Ecommerce website in minutes. Join in now!

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