Prepare your business this Holiday Shopping Season

December 7, 2020

Prepare your business this Holiday Shopping Season

Festival season has just started, yes it's shopping time! As business owners, the pandemic coronavirus...lockdowns have forced us to close our stores for a while. With brands jockeying to expand, many traditional shoppers have joined the GoKommerce community to build their online store to bolster in business. Be it fashion, education, painting, knitting, grocery, or restaurant; the Ecommerce revolution has spread its wing on entire business segments.         
This holiday mela, online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart have great festive plans to achieve. Well, what about you? Though the path seems narrow, preparing a DIY checklist saves a huge amount of time and money that is about to be spent on online promotions and marketing. 
    Today GoKommerce shares with you short holiday guidelines, that you can hold on to succeed. "Prepare and sit back, while the magic happens". Avoid planning on the first day of the festive sale, as revenue may collapse and cart abundant ration might increase. Market researchers have proven that this 2020 holiday season will bring 82% of online profit compared to traditional shopping. So, get your business stock quantity full. 


1. Build a holiday-ready website

As a retailer or shopper, the first n' foremost plan is owning an Ecommerce website or mobile application. An online store like Amazon, Myntra, BigBasket, Titan, earns more profit compared to its offline store. Now you too can build, manage, and market a mind-blowing Ecommerce store for your business. 

Full-fledged features like product listing, customer managing, payment processing, shipping processing, newsletter segmenting, promotional campaigning, SEO customization, and more are imposed in our solution package to highlight your business in a most perfect manner. 

 2. Stock up your Inventory level

Give more...get more. Never give an excuse to your customers this season. Get your stocks filled with vibrant collections and quantity. Give your very best shot with the budget planned. 
Set stock limits and customize stock alerts on low quantity levels via SMS or email notifications. 

Upgrade to the latest version and featured an online store for sparkling sales. 

3. Offer promotions with Holiday Gifting ideas 

When we hear the word, holiday, seasons, festivals, the only word that runs on each individual GIFTS. Yes, now add some dazzling deals and complimentary with your online store products to enhance retention rate and new customers. 

Who doesn't love surprises? We have a lot more festive coming up, get ready to plan your sales with discounts, cashback, referral rewards, and some candies to your loyal customers.  

4. Offer free or discounted shipping

Do you know, there is a difference between free shipping, discounted shipping, and paid shipping. Researchers have proven that online stores with free shipping services have gained 70% more sales revenue than shipping paid ones. 
To take your business to next level this festive season, move online with planned shipment discounts for limited products and turn on your best-selling product of the week.   

5. Schedule holiday season social-media posts

Are you an active member of Facebook? Have you started selling your products on WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram? 

This is the time for some candies...start selling your products not just offline or website, now with GoKommerce you can stay tuned on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. 

Easy store setup with website redirection or the direct Facebook checkout process, to increase your business revenue this holiday. Some colorful posts with offers will excite your customers. Have you tried one? 

6. Plan Advertisement strategy

How will your audience know about your business, online products or offers? A perfect advertisement is all you need. Start marketing your business sales, and monetize campaigns to earn from various sources. 

Plan your ads previously and promote at the right time to capture the right audience, to accomplish the right profit. 

Already having existing customers on your store? Segment your customers based on their online behavior and set email campaigns to attract more audience this season. Colorful email templates and content management will do the rest of the magic!

7. Analyze seasonal budgets

You may be an entrepreneur or startup online businessman with low income, to start your promotions on your website and other social channels, always schedule your holiday do-list and plan the budgets to be used or social media promotions, email campaigns, website product marketing, etc. 

A prepared runner always wins the show. So be it you.

8. Extend your business hours

As owners and company employees, we all know festival seasons are not gonna be easy in the Ecommerce business when it comes to working hours. Plan your staffs accordingly to enhance profit, encourage yourself or employees with special treaties to help them continue working for extra time. These strategies will surely help your business succeed online this Back Friday, Christmas, New year, Pongal, Onam, Diwali, etc. 

So what you are up with, jump in and get your store running online with GoKommerce. For advanced support, get in touch with our technical support.

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