Time To Go Online for Organic Stores!

February 26, 2021

Time To Go Online for Organic Stores!

Since increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle, organic agriculture & grocery stores are coming up globally in selling organic products. With the Indian natural foods business estimated to develop over 45 % over the next 4 years, there really is an enormous scope to invest in the organic food & agriculture business. Technology innovation not only makes life simpler and more convenient as it also boosts companies across the globe. There are now about five billion smartphone users in the world and by moving from e-commerce to m-commerce people are taking advantage of the chance. Mobile apps have become a cheaper alternative to traditional shops from the downfall of ' buy and leave ' and open to several difficulties. It is not just the fashion and retail companies that transform their stores into online stores or apps. Many enterprises, local and global, are moving to wider reach applications.

What organic food & product mobile app mean?

The organic industry, including grocery, meat and cosmetics, is on a path of rapid growth. Natural and healthy lifestyle demands are growing, and organic items are seen as the best solution to this search. Organic enterprises are using innovations to further develop goods and reach a larger audience. Having your shops now with a mobile app would make you stand out from your rivals. Get an amazing mobile app with the help of GoKommerce and leverage a large number of customers, including the tech-savvy, for whom organic goods and mobile devices are a sought-after combination. To tell about GoKommerce, it is one in hundred, with perfection, amazing platform for sellers to build their own Ecommerce website in minutes. Right now mobile applications are supported by our technical team.

Benefits of an Online Organic Store:

You are already poised to win the fight as an owner of an online organic shop. This community is crazy about organic foods because it is healthy both for people and for the ecosystem. It's the ' new hip trend ' and the demand is rapidly expanding. Using a store subscription enables future success. Whether you already own a website or willing to start your business with a unique featured organic online platform, this blog will give you a clear picture of the key features of the app and the interfaces (admin, customer, store executive).

  • Suppliers/grocery store owners could maximize their store awareness/branding.  
  • On a budget, customers can shop for their needed groceries.
  • Customers will save time because they do not wait in a line for the billing process.
  • Customized shopping experience.
  • Online Shopping is available to many gateways of payment (offline or online).
  • Admin is permitted to control all the items in the store (SKU listing), to control customer requirements.
Features for Admin:

Store On-boarding and management- A dedicated dashboard to track daily orders, back-office, distribution area for store administrators.

Inventory (Centralized/de-centralized) Management- The organic store app admin panel has the functionality by setting stock notifications to monitor the store inventory and orders.

Payment Management- Admin can track the regular collections which the store receives and generate reports.

Feedback, ratings, Review- For each product, the Admin will evaluate consumer feedback and service reviews.

Customer chat Support- Admins build a stronger relationship with customers by answering customer queries.

Real-time Analytics- Admin can evaluate product sales with ease and expand the company accordingly.

Social Media Interaction- Admin can use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) to advertise their organic store ads.

CMS (Content management system)- The content displayed in the application can be generated and edited by Admin.

Features for Organic store executive:

Order Dashboard- The shop manager handles the order list and accordingly assigns the job to the employees.

Store management- The admin warns the store of the low leveled product and the store plans to restock the inventory.

Accept/Reject Order- The executive or employee of the store shall have the right to refuse and approve orders from the company.

Payment Management- The shop receives customers' payments and manages the lists sold.

Manage Customers and deliveries- The store agent also keeps customer information about his shop and their distribution process records.

Loyalty Point Management- The store is pleased to give its regular customer’s loyalty points during each online purchase.

Features for Customers:

Manage Profile- Customers may sign in to add address and contact information and maintain their own profile.

Browse Products/listings- Customers are able to scroll down the foodstuffs and see costs.

Search Filter- Customers can search the organic products they need based on the filtered categories.

Schedule Delivery- Customers that are not available at the time of shipment, can arrange the timing of delivery.

Order Tracking- This app helps the admin and the customer to monitor his / her shipped orders.

Deals/Offers- Frequent or new customers are allowed to shop items under offers and deals.

Payment Gateway- Customers can make their payment online (debit card, net banking, Paytm, PayPal, credit card) or via COD (cash on delivery).

Help and Support-  When customers encounter any problems or questions, the store admin or support staff also assist them.

After having a brief view of the features offered by GoKommerce for the mobile app for your organic store, are you interested to get to know more about the price and functionality? Signup now!

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