Mobile App for On-Demand Newspaper Delivery Service

February 4, 2021

Mobile App for On-Demand Newspaper Delivery Service

Food app, furniture app, electronics app, rental app, so many mobile apps are dominating today’s marketplace. From small startups to big entrepreneurs, everyone is boosting up their creative ideas as business turnovers. While talking about such eCommerce apps, don't you feel, even an app is necessary to fulfill our day-to-day activities? For example, say, a person who provides local delivery of newspaper, milk, water cans, ironed clothes, pooja flowers, grocery items, meat at your door daily at 6 am. Though those are small farmers or vendors, they too deserve to have a simplicity of life. For such dedicated newspaper delivery services, GoKommerce offers the best-in-class mobile application with exciting features and support options used to build online store seamlessly. 

What is a Newspaper Delivery Mobile App?
A mobile app for a Newspaper delivery service is generated to solve issues such as customer requirements, monthly or yearly subscription bill generation, collections, delivery status and more faced by the newspaper vendors, customers and delivery boy while supplying daily papers. Following you will find the key features and the advantages why this micro-commerce system is useful for our society.

Reasons to have a Newspaper subscribed delivery Mobile App:
Using a mobile app, the delivery agents who distribute newspapers, milk or water cans to customers, can track their daily records as per the customer's needs. Even for customers, such apps are useful. Thinking how? Well, when the user is out of station or doesn't want the magazine for the day, you don't have to wait until the paperboy comes. You can just open the said app and reschedule the order at the fingertips. Once it’s scheduled, a push notification is sent to the delivery executive or agency. This automatically saves time and misunderstandings. Awesome right?

Key Benefits of Newspaper Distribution System:
  • The power of Admins Streamlining Distribution.
  • Paperboy can optimize and complete the distribution flow easily.
  • Customers, admin, delivery agent can access the app from anywhere.
  • Multiple payment options are provided both online and offline.

Features for Admin Portal:
Admin Dashboard-  Admin's dashboard screen, where he can track all the newspaper distribution information and customer requirements and payment data.
Manage Customers- The admin will build, edit and manage client profiles to smooth the process here.
Manage Delivery- The admin can control the delivery boy or executive page just like consumers to allocate the job and get the regular tasks.
Content Management System (CMS)- Admin is permitted to make changes to the content of the application based on the function and deal.
Tracker Deliveries- The orders placed and dispatched from any location can be monitored by both admin and customers.
Check Income- Admin will monitor the entire revenue cycle and track collections every day and every month.

Features for Customer Portal:
Customer Profile- Profiles are given for each customer to sign in and fill in the information on their address. He/she can also edit and save content whenever needed.
Multi-payment options- The online newspaper distribution app provides users various payment types (COD and online payment portals) that make it easy for the distributor and customer to operate.
Track Orders- The user is allowed to easily check the location and track the order of his / her dispatched newspaper.
Check History- The functionality appears to be a bit advanced. Consumers can track their budgets by analyzing the history of the order (month or year) and saving it into a PDF file.  
Schedule Time/Date- This feature is available in mobile devices only for micro-management. Every customer is busy going to work today so that he/she can easily arrange the delivery time and the dates of his daily needs.

Features for DeliveryBoy Portal:
Manage Profile- The delivery boy, like customers, also possesses a profile credential provided by the admin. The page consists of orders issued, deliveries pending and reports of delivery complete. Customer reviews are also available, as are comments. 
Customer Orders- The distribution agent will verify the assigned orders and the details of their delivery (customer name, address, telephone number).
Location mapping- If the orders are set for delivery, the executive or delivery boy will turn on the map leading straight to the final (customer) destination.
Delivery History- In the order history option, the executive can look at all his shipped orders.

So, are you amazed to have such unique featured apps for day-to-day activities of yours? Interested to make your business digitally available, Sign up GoKommerce to fulfill your business dreams. Build your own online store with mobile support capabilities effortless and attract millions of customers to your pocket. For Support contact us. 

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